Hello everyone,
I am pleased to announce that the video packs I have been putting together are selling like hott cakes! These are videos I have been collecting over the years and it’s time to do something with em! So why not sell em to you! ;) Trust me the proceeds are going towards a great cause! I have more footage then ever before now too and somehow just keep collecting more ^-^

Funny, sexy, playful, inside, outside, boys, girls, BBC, TS, blow job, foot fetish, elevators, and jerk off introductions. If you’ve ever been curious about what I do in my person time this is an exciting way to find out

In addition to the videos packs I am also accepting custom video requests. Just email me your ideas and I will let you know what it will take to make it happen ;)

Here is a fun little trailer to give you a peak at some of the fun adventures I have been getting into recently.

To find out more, email me ;*


Serious inquirers only please. I wont waste my time :))

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I used to Skype and have phone sex with this girl, wow!!!


For the follower who asked about masturbating at work…

Pretty much THIS…sometimes you get to finish, other times you only get to bring yourself to the edge…

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Re-blog if you’re accepting anonymous asks from anyone about anything

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All videos all the time


Does she have arms? Lol

I held her arms behind her back. I love to do that when they suck my cock


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<3   :P   \|/

Dear god… Yes


<3   :P   \|/

Dear god… Yes

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I LOVE how he shoves her back down on the bed!!👄

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In your room